October 14th, 2006,  8 year old Samuel Boehlke and his father Kenneth were staying at the Diamond Lake Resort 9 miles from Crater Lake National Park.  Sammy and his father decided to take a drive into Crater Lake and stop at the Cleetwood Cove Overlook to take in the beauty of the park.  About a quarter mile east of the Cleetwood Cove trail Samuel and his dad parked, got out of their car, and began walking towards the Lake.  After a few minutes of walking, 8 year old Sammy crossed the road and ran off into the woods. Seeing his son run into the woods, Ken chased after him, but to his shock, when he got to the woods Samuel had vanished never to be seen or heard from again.  How could Samuel had gone missing so fast? What caused him to run into the woods? Join us this week as we piece together the mysterious disappearance of Samuel Boehlke.  

Correction - We incorrectly stated in the episode that Samuel Boehlke went missing on October 6th when he actually went missing on October 14th.

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