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Category: True Crime

Thousands of people have mysteriously vanished in America’s wilderness. Join us as we dive into the deep end of the unexplainable and try to piece together what happened. You are listening to Locations Unknown.

EP. #19: Jaryd Atadero - Poudre Canyon Colorado

February 29, 2020

October 2nd, 1999, 3-year-old Jaryd Atadero, his 6-year-old sister Jocelyn, and 11 other adults were hiking The Big South Trail near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  While hiking, Jaryd ran ahead, no more than 100 feet and stopped to talk with some fisherman. After his brief time, Jaryd continued down the trail ahead of the group. This would be the last time anyone saw Jaryd.  In the following days, a massive Search and Rescue operation failed to turn up any evidence of Jaryd. Join us this week as we piece together the tragic disappearance of Jaryd Atadero and the discovery years later that deepened the mystery.


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