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Category: True Crime

Thousands of people have mysteriously vanished in America’s wilderness. Join us as we dive into the deep end of the unexplainable and try to piece together what happened. You are listening to Locations Unknown.

EP. #27: The Mystery Surrounding Area 51

July 12, 2020

Deep in the Nevada desert lies a location that’s been at the center of dozens of conspiracy theories since the 1940’s.  Stories of Alien autopsies, reverse engineered alien spacecraft, and the faking of the 1969 moon landing are talked about to this day.  This is a location so secret, it wasn’t officially acknowledged by the government until 2013, 58 years after it was established.  Stepping foot inside its perimeter or flying into its airspace can result in death.  Join us this week as we try to unravel the mystery and intrigue surrounding Area 51. 


Note - we'll be on Summer break until September 2020.  We have a lot of new cases and interesting interviews scheduled for this fall so make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on when we'll be back.


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